Celebrating influential women in the construction industry

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The objective of the #Top100Women initiative is to promote the positive aspects of the change we are seeing in construction, also to encourage further movement by recognising the women within this industry that are contributing to societal change!

We are seeking to change the perception, and lead through the power of celebrating the businesses and companies whom are already playing such a key role in this change and recognising their contribution! We are aiming to not only recognise, but also empower the women within our industry & take notice of the many people who often fly under the radar but do such fantastic work!

We want to show our appreciation to the working women both on the front line, and behind the scenes
so please share among your family, friends and colleagues so that we can give these women the microphone for a moment!!

We want to know

a) Who these women are
b) Their key attributes
c) And the real authentic woman, unapologetically doing her best!

There are some powerful & incredible women within the Construction industry & we intend to focus on their influence and contribution to our industry.

Where our #Top100Women specialise


Working in any aspect of the process with either Residential or Commercial Builders


Town planning, certification & any involvement in the approval process required for construction to begin


Working either as a developer or for a developer in acquiring sites, as a development manager & project sales


Any New build construction sales and/or consulting to builders & developers.

Architecture and Drafting

Bringing together ideas into a conceptual plan

Project Management

Managing projects on site including construction management

Tamika Smith – advocate for women in the construction industry

Tamika Smith is the Director of a development and construction business, TSR property Solutions and has worked with the Countries biggest builders in both construction, sales, land developments and residential projects.

The idea of the #Top100Women in construction was born from Tamika’s experiences within the Industry. Within the first 12months of TSR being operational there was over $10,000,000 in contracts signed in referrals alone and as such, she began receiving a number of businesses approaching her for her business skills and also to use her story as an example of what women can achieve.

The women to be featured on our page have sculpted our industry to be what it is today to allow women, like Tamika and many others to step into this industry and excel at what they do.  Tamika did not believe in solely accepting the role of being a ‘Game Changer’ without recognising the women alongside her.

The #Top100Women initiative is the chance to give these women, both on the front line and those behind the scenes, the recognition they deserve. Providing the space for them to be authentically themselves.

What isn’t known to many, is that there are a lot of women in the development & construction industries already doing fantastic things. Many of whom don’t get the recognition or notice they so rightfully deserve and we would love to showcase them!

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